How We Got Started

Having four boys and lots of toys! Several years ago after Christmas I was picking up the sea of toys that had overtaken the living room.  There were seemingly hundreds of pieces that accompanied every toy and I realized that there had to be a better way to manage this mess.  I'd tried plastic storage bins, fabric cubes and toy boxes, but nothing seemed to work really well for my kids.  Toy pieces still ended up at the bottom of the toy box or they had trouble moving the plastic bins around the house or taking them in the car.  I needed something that closed easily and fully contained the toys, was easy for the kids to haul around with them, had a design that promoted organizational skills and of course it had to be durable.  So I designed several types of storage devices that met those needs and gave prototypes to my fellow moms to get their feedback.  It was with their feedback and support that Toy Tamer Bags were born. My hope is that Toy Tamer Bags will help all our children organize their toys and keep them stored in a manner that provides a little extra sanity in every parents daily lives :)                                                                        

                                                                                                                         My Inspiration!!


Founder, Kristi Mitchell

Kristi Mitchell, founder of Kids’ Clutter Tamers, is a mother of four with a strong business background.  She has over 20 years’ experience working for global companies such as General Motors/Delco Remy and Roche Diagnostic. In addition, she holds BS degrees in finance and entrepreneurship as well as an MBA from Ball State University.

It’s the combination of these experiences that led Kristi to start her company in 2014.  Kids’ Clutter Tamers provides storage and organization solutions for kids, with the goal of making life easier and more organized.

The company’s first product to market is the Toy Tamer Bag. This unique toy storage solution helps kids and parents solve the problem of toy chaos and clutter.

Think Outside the Toy Box!